Nizamiye National Cup 2019 Rule & Regulations

Nizamiye National Cup 2019 Rule & Regulations 1


  1. The Nizamiye Cup Tournament will be played subject to the rules mentioned hereunder. By its participation, each
    team agrees to be bound by and comply with those rules.
  2. All schools and players shall participate at their own risk. Whilst all reasonable care shall be taken, the host,
    Nizamye Primary and High School Midrand, shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage howsoever
  3. The Manager/Coach of each team is responsible for the behavior of the players and officials of that the am as well
    as that of parents from their team.
  4. Foul language/swearing is a red card offence. Any player sent off will be suspended for one (1) game.
  5. Any player, official or parent who is found guilty of acting in a manner which brings the Tournament into disrepute,
    shall be expelled and will not be allowed onto any grounds.
  6. Teams must ensure there is uniformity in their kits. All players are required to shin pads.
  7. Only one Team Coach and his accredited/registered substitutes will be allowed on the bench. Supporters are
    only allowed on their allocated areas. If any supporters or non-authorized persons are found on the side of the
    officials the game will stopped and the individuals will be required to leave.
  8. The age groups shall be as follows:
    U9 Born at any time of the year in 2009 or 2010
    U11 Born at any time of the year in 2007 or 2008
    U13 Born at any time of the year in 2005 or 2006
    U15 Born at any time of the year in 2003 or 2004
    U19 Born at any time of the year in 1999 or 2002
  9. Over-aged players must not be used in any team. Should a protest be registered concerning the age of a player,
    the Team Manager will be required to produce satisfactory proof of the date of birth of the player in question. A
    team found guilty shall forfeit the points in respect of that game and may be disqualified from the tournament.
  10. All team managers are required to have copies of the birth certificate/identity document of all players.
  11. Team lists shall be emailed at least a week before the tournament, Teams should print and complete their team
    list before the commencement of the tournament.
  12. Team Registrations
    12.1 Teams will be entitled to register ten (10) players of which no more than seven (7) players and three (3)
    reserves will take the bench. All 3 reserves may be substituted in any one game.
    12.2 A player may play for ONE team only.
  13. Although a maximum of seven (7) players (including the goalkeeper) make up a full team, a minimum of five (5)
    players are required to start a game.
  14. The tournament will be played on a round-robin basis followed by a semifinals, and finals.
    The top four (4) teams per group will qualify for the semifinals. The duration of the semifinals shall be seventeen (17)
    minutes. The first placed team shall play the fourth placed team and the second placed team shall play the third placed
    Corner of K101 & Leroux Ave, Midrand, 1685
    PO Box 11653, Vorna Valley, 1685
    011 312 6599/011 312 2428 NIZAMIYE NATIONAL CUP
  15. Walkovers will be given to the opposition if any team is not on the field of play 3mins after the scheduled time.
    15.1.The ground official will toss a coin before the start of the game for the teams to choose the goal to
    15.2.The duration of the game shall be seventeen (17) minutes one way with no half time, 3 mins change over.
    The time keeping for the game will be centrally controlled.
    15.3.The normal laws of the game will apply in all respects except that there will be NO offside rule.
    15.4.The referee shall not stop play as a result of injury to players, except for a head injury. Any player who is
    injured shall be treated on the side of the field, alternatively shall be substituted.
    15.5.The law of deliberate back pass to the goalkeeper applies to all age groups.
    15.6.Harassment of the goalkeeper is not allowed.
    15.7.Should a penalty be awarded just before the end of the game, the penalty must be taken. The penalty taker
    is allowed to take three steps to take penalty kick
    15.8. All free kicks are direct.
    15.9.The decision of the referee in all cases shall be final.
    15.10. Match balls: These will be supplied and controlled by the match referee. The U9/11 to play with a
    Size 4 ball and the remainder to use Size 5 balls.
    15.11. Should any dispute arise, the team manager is required to report to the Tournament Director within 15
    minutes from the end of the disputed game. No protest/s will be considered after this time. All appeals
    lodged must be in writing on the official form and must be accompanied by R200 cash which is refundable if
    the outcome is successful.
  16. The decision of the Tournament Director will be final and binding.
  17. Points will be allocated as follows: Win 3 points; Draw 1 Point and Loss 0.
  18. The same tournament rules shall apply for the semi-finals and finals with the following exceptions: –
    a) Should the score be equal at the end of the game, then there will be a penalty shootout. Each team shall take
    five (5) penalty kicks and thereafter sudden death. c)
    Only the seven (7) players on the field at the end of the game are permitted to participate in the penalty shootout.
  19. Tournament Director: The decision of the Tournament Director shall be final. The Tournament Director has the
    right to change the format of the tournament at his discretion.
  20. The rules of the tournament should be circulated to players and parents in advance. Every player must be familiar
    with the Player Code of Conduct.
    Player’s Code of Conduct
    • Play for the fun of it, and not just to please your parents or coach. It is not the end of the
    world if the match/game/event ends in defeat
    • Play by the rules. Make yourself familiar with the rules and stick to them. Do not try to
    gain unfair advantage by breaking rules deliberately in the hope that you will get away
    with it — this is downright dishonest.
    • Never argue with the referees. Accept the referee’s decision without question or
    hesitation. Do not show disagreement, irritation or disgust. Even the best referees make
    mistakes or are sometimes unsighted. The referee is really doing you and the school a
    favor by controlling the match.
    • Control your temper. A sportsman, in the true sense of the word, does not lose his or
    her temper or indulge in fighting and over-robust play. Do not retaliate when you think
    your opponent is guilty of foul play. Leave it to the referee to take action — do not take
    the law into your own hands.
    • Work equally hard for yourself and your team, and your team’s performance as well as
    your own performance will benefit.
    • Be a good sport – applaud all good play, whether by your own team or by your
    • Treat all players in the manner in which you would like to be treated, do not interfere
    with, bully or take unfair advantage of weaker players. Avoid gamesmanship. Do not try
    to gain unfair advantage by using tactics that are not in keeping with the true spirit of
    the game
    • Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and to feel
    good, do not show off.
    • Co-operate with coaches, teammates and opponents, without them you don’t have a
    • Cherish sport for what it is – FUN & EXERCISE!!!
    • Look after your personal belongings and hand any items that you find to the
    announcers. Do not take any item that belongs to someone else.
    • Do not carry any Weapons or sharp objects
    All the best
    Tournament Director

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