Olympiad Studies

At Nizamiye Primary and High School, Midrand, students are encouraged to participate in the various National Olympiad programmes.  We participate in the National Science Olympiad organized by SAASTA (South African Agency for Science and Technology) and the Conquesta Olympiad.   The National Science Olympiad aims to advance public awareness, appreciation and engagement in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology.  This is in-line with our schools pursuit of academic excellence and is further stimulated by the Nizamiye Primary and High School, Midrand Annual Science Exposition that takes place at our premises.  

The Conquesta Olympiad on the other hand deals with all school subjects.  Students are given the opportunity to select a preferred subject, be it Mathematics or Life Skills.  Students are also able to participate in all the subjects offered by the Conquesta Olympiad programme.  All students enrolled in the Olympiad programme receive a certificate of participation irrespective of their results.

The objective of our school’s involvement within the Olympiad programmes is to inculcate a sense of achievement, confidence and self-esteem among our students. The Olympiad programmes on offer aides teachers as well as parents to better understand the strengths, interests and capacity of each individual student thereby enabling an improved supportive capacity towards young curious minds to reach their full potential.